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December 28, 2019, 8:28 pm

Blood Suckers




Blood Suckers (1970)
* out of 4)
When a friend of theirs goes missing, a group travels to Greece to look for him. They are being led by Derek (Patrick Macnee) but soon they realize that they're up against something much bigger than him. It appears the friend got involved with a beautiful woman who may be part of a vampire cult.
BLOOD SUCKERS is known under several different titles including INCENSE OF THE DAMNED and FREEDOM SEEKERS. No matter what you call this film the only thing that remains true is the fact that it's a major disappointment and it should have been much better. With that said, the film set unreleased a couple years before it was eventually given an American drive-in release with BLOOD THIRST but there's no question that the shelf is where it belongs.
I will at least give the film credit for trying to be something more than a low-rent horror picture as there's a lot of discussions about various subjects. The idea that vampires are connected to some sort of sexual disorder is an interesting idea but there's just not much done with it. The film is poorly put together and it just has a very cheap look and feel to it. The film is ugly to look at and there's just nothing here that makes for a good picture.
What's worse is that there's a pretty good cast wasted here including Macnee who is giving it his all but there's just not much here. Peter Cushing appears at the start and the end of the film and is good too but it have very little impact on the final film. BLOOD SUCKERS is pretty much dead on arrival and what little horror there is doesn't make up for all the bad stuff.