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Fan made? What the hell, this was the best piece of advertizing I've seen. The scene where she's taking him to the healer and the song right bfore the dialogue when it's says I'm gonna die for you. part of that lyrics are in the movie called passion of the soul. Same words, not sure if it's the same artist. Great movie too. And this movie was great too. Father in law should have been there when they were getting the good news about the insurance. he would have definitely had something interesting to say. Although Black Mirror has been airing on British television for a couple of seasons, I knew nothing about this show until very recently. I have to say,the writing and production quality of Black Mirror is absolutely brilliant! One of the BEST programs I've seen in a VERY long time! Currently available on it out and tell me what you think.

Yep did not understand what the hell was going on so not watching it didnt make any sense at all.


Brilliant show The British people did it again #sherlock. This dedication... I can feel all of that and more! Bravo! Bravo! This fan-made movie is deserving of praise for having such a brilliant blend of relating strongly to the characters, the characters in of themselves being authentic, and being able to invoke strong feelings in so many who watch it. As a story connoisseur, I give your movie an A. You should be proud. MY TOP 3 1. San Junipero 2. 15 million merits 3. White Christmas.

This fan film is amazing it has balance between story and comedy it's really well done the story is definitely unique and interesting we need the bay transformers movie like these ones the transformers has personality and the human character is someone we ACTUALLY care about bay take notes this is how a transformers movie should be made. Because the Cyberfire Bumblebee figure kept falling over, and I also wanted to move away from using movieverse designs. Osea No Entendi El Final. Gossip (Sleeping with Sirens album. I know who shot grace it was wheeljack in his human form I think. I love Netflix and how they are reviving some series. I really hope they would revive Stargate. Not necessarily Stargate Universe but atleast something in Stargate World.

Clare Foley was a great teenage version of Ivy. I was hesitant about Maggie Geha but she grew on me and it felt like the same character that Claire played and so I was happy to see where she'd take the character. But we're never going to see her as Ivy again because apparently it was necessary to recast her again. As a Brunette. Because that makes sense. They're taking their time with pretty much every other character, so why rush Ivy out the door so quickly? Especially since she's supposed to be the same age as Bruce and Selina, roughly, and now she's twice their age. I know we didn't see much of her here, but I have a feeling that her personality isn't going to be even remotely the same.

1:23:07 chills man, chills. Want to binge it but whenever I tried to watch two Black Mirror episodes back to back the first time I watched it I would always feel so depressed the rest of the day. Will probably space them out every few days. Suggest me any series on reality based history likewise vikings. Finally ivys back. Still nobody has no idea what is the song called. Some universe are mirror where good are bad and bad is good OK thanks for giving me the link. I'm surprised this isn't better know.I especially complement Optimus Prime's voice, it's almost should see this and maybe they'll figure out what a Transformers movie SHOULD be. I hope this encourages more fans to make great material like I hope YOU keep making these awesome have truly made the best Transformers film of all time.