Online Blessed Stranger: After Flight 111

January 17, 2020, 6:35 pm




Bhai ke liye Taliya very nice video. Not a real pilot here, but any hint of fire and I would be going down to land immediately. No time to dump fuel, look up procedure books. get down now, right. I lost my Mother in this Holi after that I had lost my intention of live a long life but when I saw this Video I understand Truth of Life😭💔. Raju bhai is video me bht emotional ho gaye the Aap. I appreciate your channel soo much. Informative, empathetic and without the sensationalizing which other channels use to get views. Thank you.

Close captioning would be useful cuz Im capturing segments of conversation. Why is the DC10 the title picture? The Plane involved was an MD11. I was glued to my cable television at the time this occurred watching. Oh man, now this was a big mess. I flew over the atlantic several times in the 90s and this particular crash caused me to develop fear for such long haul flights. I overcame it as time passed but I just can't forget this crash nevertheless.

And this is on my birthday look at the date.


The seawater thru the window when the plane was about to crash made me shiver. great job tfc. Main ar info ko bhi subscribe kar lya hu 2 week before. Hey umm. The background music on your videos are they yours or can I find them anywhere else. I really like them hehe 🥰 also I love you channel. Best channel ever ❤️❤️. Crazy hearing a Swiss tech in New York. my colleague said he was on shift that night. scary stuff.


Whats the point! RIP. A friend's daughter was on this flight. The tie that binds these characters together takes form with a sweater that the fisherman plucks from the waters and for whatever reason repairs, sewing the arm back on. The mother (in flashbacks) remembers the last conversation she had with her daughter and the argument about her buying the sweater (mother felt it was too masculine. This was actually really good for a (Canadian) made for TV movie. Not cheesy like a lot of these dramatizations tend to be. The story revolves around Swissair flight 111 and centers on an American woman who rushes to Nova Scotia in hopes of finding that her teenage daughter survived the crash and one of the fishermen who assisted with the rescue (recovery) mission.





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