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January 1, 2020, 6:43 pm

Lost Angels: Los Angeles


You've never been to Japan... This video gives me hope that there is a place where I belong, because I know it's not where I am right now. Yep, we need mater chief. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who likes this movie. I think it could use a sequel to fix all the problems with the first one. Maybe the sequel could be about the aliens that landed in Moscow. Marshalla pfy pfy pfy. Say what you want about the movie, but this is one of the greatest movie trailers of all question. Thank you for this video. Very inspiring.

The clip at 1:52 - 1:55 is terrifying

Porque eles não morão no brasil? aqui não tem bandas perfeitas tipo 30 seconds to mars. When I think of how terrible this movie was compared to this awesome trailer, I get upset all over again. @RapNRoll21 well, the movie directors don't wanna put America as the bad guy! we;re suppose to be the good guys remember? D not really. u know how movies like this are; lies, explosions and lies. just make sure u KNOW they're lies. I always comeback to this video 2017🙋‍♂️. They need jaegers.



This movie came out the same day as the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Am I the only one who actually liked this movie. What is the song. This video is shet. I wish Larry David was in this clip. There are good parts and shitty parts about every city. People always say they hate their shitty town. well that's all well and good but i'm sure there are people who love it just as much. The bigger the city the more love/hate there is. Some people love quiet little towns others love busy, crowded and crazy.

I know many have sais this; but, this song made me fall more in live with you in 2013 and it continues to do so. ❤😍❤ #jaredleto. Kanye Fromthemid West. Thumbs up if today's Russian meteor brought you here. The Reapers are coming! Where's Commander Shepard when you need him? or her. Remember to support the Tom Hanks boycott and NOT see this movie. Help eliminate bigotry in America. From the serious Robert Langdon, to naive Forrest Gump, and to very funny Woody, Tom Hanks is indeed a very versatile actor. THE BOMB. Omg... i remember seeing that movie... I love Shannon's smile ♥. Watching Lindsey Lohan in this video cleared all my judgements I had about her.



Typical American movie haha of course 6 men can fight off hundreds of crazy aliens. .
@Beautifulmistake99 Spoiler much. O_O.
Can't find that either.
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What can we humans do against such an overpowering force

Seven Hour War: The Movie. List of movies available on Netflix in New Zealand. ‎IMDb: Movies & TV Shows on the App Store - Apple. Cool now make battle: San Francisco or battle: new york. Great book and looks to be a great movie. Siempre los mejores videos 😍. Rating 6.2/10 (76,369. Navigate Internet Tv. If you're simply after some genre suggestions, you can use the filter to display. Angels in the Snow, 2015, 90, Children & Family Movies, Watch now... Battle: Los Angeles, 2011, 116, Action & Adventure, Watch now... First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon, 2016, 50, Documentaries, Watch now. This movie is cool. Nostradamus Documentary Netflix.

@TranceTasteCoryRay Jehovah is perfect. If he is perfect, he doesn't want anything and never wanted. So why would he create the universe? And nothing imperfect can be created by something perfect. We are made on his image and we are imperfect. That makes him imperfect. And if he represents everything that is good and just, and if he knows everything (past, present. why would he create us knowing that we would suffer? That god idea is just ridiculous. You're the ones who have to face it.

Obi wan. you should know better...