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January 4, 2020, 11:26 am

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This is a solid little creepy film that will have staying power even when big budget horror films are long forgotten. I will definitely watch it again in the future. I went into it expecting it to be poorly done stupid horror (ala 13 Ghosts) but I was quite surprised at how it held up. The acting is good without being overdone; the characters don't become cliched. And the overall sense of isolation and fear is believable. The look of the film and the characters harkens back to the feeling of "Das Boot, but it's quite a different story (I'm not equating the two by Boot is a is a very well done B-picture. And as others have mentioned, the small details are correct, which makes it all the more fun to watch. The compartments, controls and hatches are in the right places. As far as I can tell, they filmed this in a real WWII a 100% correct set piece. I've been to the USS Pampanito museum (a real WWII Balao class sub here in San Francisco) several times and it's pretty much the spitting image of the sub in this film. They also took care to be fairly correct with protocol, i.e. who would be standing where and doing what in the compartment when an order was given. You should definitely check out the deleted scenes on the DVD 're actually quite good and I'm disappointed they were left out of the final cut. Too bad this film didn't get more 's far better than your average "horror film" being made these days.


Below deck mediterranean season 3. Belo monte. Below zero. Below deck sailing yacht. Blowing. Below deck mediterranean cast.


Belo horizonte all airports.




No.1 of course: Das Boot🏆🇩🇪. Seeing this todayy. JONGGGGGGG 't they come up with something new. 9326678379.


Das Boot! Realistic Emotional Thriller! Wolfgang Peterson, EPIC. I had to press pause. Trailer is giving away too f* cking much. Trailer should've ended at 1:20. Das Boot is better in German with subs on. What an amazing movie! It's really hard to pull of that character held camera style but they nailed it.


Das Boat: read the book watched the movie and listed to the music. If to watch without sound you can notice how silly Jude Law's face is. 0:05 sounds like Siri/Alexa AI automated voice. Windows are structural weaknesses - Legion. Film was amazing. CyberFlix, Watch Movies and TV Series for Free - CyberFlix. ´O filme : Below ( 2002. terror, ghost e suspense. Excelente.

Ice station Zebra should have had a mention. Dump U251.
AWESOME MOVIE! Strange thing it is so little known.
Last year I saw someone post something similar and it inspired me. I made it my New Years resolution to track everything I watch in a spreadsheet and keep up with it throughout the whole year. Im happy to say that I was able to do it! Disclaimer: My rating system (like every other) is 100% subjective and more of an indication of my enjoyment of a film rather than how I would rate the craft that went into making it. Just keep that in mind before you roast for liking The Last Jedi more than The.

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