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January 19, 2020, 4:46 pm

Strictly Background - by , January 19, 2020
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# Update 0000 EST In Comments. Update 2245 EST In Comments. Update 1935 EST In Comments. Update 1800 EST In Comments. Update 1645 EST In Comments. Updated 1400 EST. IRGC General to Address Iranian Congress Tomorrow. Speaker of the Iranian Parliaments presiding board announced on Saturday that IRGC Chief Major General Hossein Salami is scheduled to take part in a closed session of the legislature tomorrow. Irani. I just left a screening of Strictly Background at the New Hampshire Film Expo. This is one of the most sincere and touching documentaries I've seen in a long time. The basic premise carries us to Hollywood and into the lives of Background Artists, or extras to us lay people. Extras are the truly unsung heroes of the movie business. Without background players, we wouldn't have movies. It's a really simple film that gives an honest glimpse of the life these folks live. Some do it for fun, some do it to break into the "Business, some do it for a few extra bucks. All the individuals interviewed have a true love of making movies, even if it's as set dressing. As the movie progresses it's informative of the movie making process, but at the same time it's emotional in the sense that we are following the hopes and dreams of all these extras. Some make it, some don't. One gentleman lives in a rented storage unit for 100 a month. We go to casting calls, jobs and "specs" where an extra goes to a set in the hopes they might be needed that day. By the end of the movie I realized I was rooting for all of them to get that next job. The director did a great job of drawing us into these lives and the emotional roller-coaster that goes along with this kind of work. Not an easy task in our cynical society. It's funny, interesting and at times heartbreaking. I highly recommend this film to any kind of cinema fan as well as anyone who is curious about the real Hollywood.

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