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“Did you know that early astronomers thought there were oceans on the moon? ” I asked, looking up from my book. My mom shifted in her bed, a tangle of IV tubes shifting with her. “Of course. The moon seems like the perfect place to find an ocean. ” “What a shame we never found water then, ” I said. “Because those false seas, astronomers called them ‘maria. ’” Mom smiled. “How sweet of them to name the moon oceans after me. ” “Well, they didn’t find any oceans, ” I reminded her. “Maybe they just didn’t look hard enough, ” she replied, a little laugh slipping from her lips. For all of the pain she was in, all of the fear she must feel, my mother always had the kind of laugh that could light a candle. We were in her hospital room, the same one we’d been in and out of for the last year and a half. Sometimes we had a roommate, sometimes we were alone. Always she held steady enough for both of us, the rock I tied my hope to, the wall against the grief I knew was coming. Cancer is such a mundane word for something so hungry and cruel. I’ve noticed medicine does that a lot, covers horror with tedious language like a bed sheet over a body. Malignant. Inoperable. Metastasized. Terminal. But when she she laughed we weren’t in the hospital anymore, we were home. When she laughed, she wasn’t sick, she was young again, and I was a kid, and the world was a bright place begging to be explored. What a miracle my mother was. Cancer had taken so much from her, aged and hurt her, but it could never steal her laugh. That was hers to keep. “How are we feeling today? ” the doctor asked. He came in less and less often. We could all sense this was the final stay in this room. “Just brilliant, doc, ” my mom said, struggling to sit a little higher. “We can still go dancing later if you’d like. Though we’ll have to ask for my son’s blessing. Ever since his dad died, Brian’s been very protective of me. ” I put on a stern face. “I’ll need to know your intentions are pure, Dr. Bradshaw. ” “As the driven snow, ” he played along. “But I might need a raincheck on the dance, Ms. Willen. I’m not as young as I used to be. ” He emphasized his age, running his fingers through grey-white hair. My mom tapped her bare scalp. “Right there with you, tiger, ” she said. Dr. Bradshaw smiled but I could tell he was burdened. I saw him glance at the small idol I’d placed on my mother’s nightstand. The talisman was a miniature oak tree carved from gray soapstone. There were four faces etched into the tree, a sentry against ill health and bitter spirits. I could tell the stone tree made the doctor uncomfortable. In all honesty, I had a tough time looking at the idol for more than a few seconds. The faces were each whittled in vivid expression. The face closest to my mother’s bed was smiling kindly and the face pointed towards the door was snarling, meant to ward away harm. The final two faces were both weeping. All four shapes were too human, too raw. There was a weirdness to the stone tree that put people on edge but I’d grown used to every shade of weird you can imagine. My mother’s side of the family was full of stories of unexplained luck and mysterious tragedy, whispered secrets and unexplained deaths. By all accounts, my maternal grandmother was either an honest-to-goodness witch or full-bore, high-caliber crazy, or both. Probably both. The stone tree was from a box of my grandmother’s things I’d found in the attic earlier that month. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but my mom did seem to get a bit better when I’d brought in the talisman, at least for a little while. I was daydreaming about family history and the odd box while Dr. Bradshaw checked his charts and mom’s vitals. “Can I talk to you for a moment? ” he asked, ripping me back to reality. Bradshaw tried to keep a light tone but I could tell he didn’t have good news. The hospital hallway smelled like ammonia and birthday cake. Someone must have had a party, maybe a patient, maybe a nurse. Strange how you remember the insignificant details while your world is crashing down around you. “I’m so sorry, ” Dr. Bradshaw told me. “The results came in this morning. It’s spreading aggressively. held it back as long as we could, Brian. Your mom is a fighter. But right now we just need to, well, to try to keep her as comfortable as we can. Brian? ” The wall was cracking, grief waiting on the other side, heavy and cold as an empty house. I’d known for months that this was the most likely outcome but it still hurt to hear. Hurt worse than I could stomach. “There’s nothing left to try? ” I asked, fighting down the urge to throw up. “Anything, experimental, untested, anything? ” Dr. Bradshaw shook his head. “I’m sorry. Sometimes we just run out of options. She fought a good fight. ” “How long does she have left? ” I asked, looking back into her room. She’d fallen asleep. “Not long. Maybe days. Have you considered hospice? ” The smell of ammonia and birthday cake. The steady beep of mom’s heart monitor. I tried to focus on the world around me. My hope wasn’t dead yet. If medicine couldn’t help my mom, maybe something older could. I thought of the box of my grandmother’s things waiting in the attic. There was a lot in there I hadn’t gone through yet, books and candles and secrets and lost things. Maybe there was a cure or at least a way to keep the fight going. “No, ” I said. “If all that’s left is to make her comfortable, I want to take her home. ” The doctor smiled. “I understand. We can give you some medication, ways to help her with the pain. ” He put his hand on my shoulder. “Your mom’s been in a lot of pain but she’ll have peace, soon. You’ve done all you can. ” “I know, ” I lied. “Thank you. ” Mom lived in a small ranch house ten miles outside of town. There wasn’t much in the way of neighbors besides some woods and a creek slithering through her yard. It was a windy, warm March afternoon when I took my dying mother home. That night I began my work. I was going to turn the house into a bunker, a maze Death could never solve. I would keep my mother safe, I would find a way to keep her alive. The little red book was full of ideas. Running water was an obvious place to start. The creek behind the house was barely a trickle but it should provide some coverage to the south side of the property. Salt was next, lining the doorways and window frames, then in an unbroken circle around the entire house. This step was to be repeated daily, the red book stressed, or even multiple times per day. Even a moderate breeze played holy havoc with any salt poured outside so it was always best to trace and retrace every few hours. Water and salt were common defenses against man’s oldest enemy and well known. The book offered other, less conventional, advice. It took me nearly a week to finish carving the symbols and signs into the walls, the floors, even the trees on the property. Sometime around noon on the third day, on my back in the crawlspace etching strange marks onto the underside of the floor, it struck me how ridiculous I was acting. There was no proof that any of the information in the little red book was anything other than the delusional ramblings of a bizarre woman I’d only met once or twice as a child. For all I knew, the runes meant to ward off Death were actually a grocery list written in Cantonese. But I was desperate, and every time I saw my mother she looked frailer, more fragile. So I continued carving and praying and building layers upon layers of protections to keep Death far away. Making my marks took me all over the property. It was a big yard, nearly three acres that blended gradually into the surrounding forest. I wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact boundary where cultivated met nature, the edges simply bled together, but I did my best to create a clean border with lines between the symbols. I’d always loved the wildness here, the way you could wander a few hundred yards away from home and feel like you’d traveled hundreds of years into the past to somewhere primal. This was the perfect playground for a kid, whether I was out exploring trails or trapping minnows or spending the summer building yet another treehouse, convinced this would be the final one. It never was, I was never satisfied. The house itself, though small, was more than enough room for my mother and me. Dad died when I was seven. I don’t remember much about him, just how big he seemed, with a bonfire grin and arms that I thought could hold the whole word. My mom often said I took after my father. I could see it in the old pictures of him, we had the same eyes, green as moss in the summer, and the same fiery shock of red hair, enemy to every comb on the planet. The sicker mom got the more often she called me by my father’s name. I worried when she drifted away like that but a part of me was proud she’d mistake me for him. After all of the symbols were carved there were a few steps left in the book to deter Death from visiting. There were dozens of charms and talismans in the bottom of the old box in the attic. I sat up there combing through everything my grandmother left behind, referencing the red book, pushing the tiny charms into tidy piles. None of the idols were larger than my thumb. Some were iron and others were wood, some were heavy, others light. All of them were uncomfortable to look at or touch. The attic was drafty but not nearly enough to explain the cold that burrowed into me as I sorted the charms. I’m not particularly tall but the attic felt like it was designed for dolls, beams so low I couldn’t even walk bent over. I moved around on my knees, rough floorboards threatening splinters even through my jeans. I could have taken the box downstairs where I’d have more room but the idea filled me with a deep unease. It seemed better to leave the box up in the attic, only taking down objects as I needed them. Up here, at least, my grandmother’s items, her legacy was... quarantined. The red book was very specific about the distribution of the totems around the house and property. I walked carefully through my mom’s backyard, boots plopping in and out of mud, compass in hand. It had rained nearly every day since I’d taken my mom home from the hospital. I knew it was almost certainly a coincidence but couldn’t help wonder if the soft curtains of rain falling to the ground were for her. I placed charms in a compass rose with the house in the middle. The most disturbing objects were given places of honor at each cardinal direction. Water, salt, wards, charms, all placed carefully, intentionally. My grandmother’s book promised that these would offer some degree of protection against the inevitability of Death. The symbols would confuse it, the talismans distract it, and the water and salt make barriers to slow it down. But Death might still find a crack to slip through, so the red book recommended one final trick. There was a small candle in the bottom of the box, dirty white as stained paper. When I took the candle from its case the smell made me gag. Have you ever walked past a portable toilet in the dog days of summer? When it’s so hot, the blue plastic has started to warp and bubble? Imagine that smell distilled into a finger’s worth of wax. I brought the candle downstairs, placed it on the dining room table and set it alight. The wick caught immediately, the flame burning an unusual red-brown. No heat came off of the candle and it actually seemed cooler the closer I moved my hand to the fire. Once the wax began to melt the smell was ten times worse than it was back in the attic. I choked down a greasy sickness crawling up my throat and quickly left the room, shutting the French doors as I went. That helped trap the odor but I couldn’t shake the sense of nausea. I went to check on my mother. “Do you remember the day you ran away? ” my mom asked, sitting in her bed, lunch untouched on the nightstand beside her. I didn’t think she had any weight left to lose before she was nothing but bone and memory. Her skin was rice paper over a frame that seemed smaller every day. Her eyes, though, no matter how fragile the rest of her became, remained two little lanterns against the dark, blue and bright and alive. “I didn’t make it very far, ” I answered. “And I wasn’t really running away, retching my legs. ” Mom smiled. “You told me you were leaving for the circus. You wanted to be either a lion tamer or a strongman or maybe a fire-eater. ” “I think I wanted to be all of that combined. Young me was big on multitasking. ” My mother turned so she was looking out the window into the yard. “I was so scared when I found your note, the one saying you were leaving. My hands were shaking like you wouldn’t believe when I called the sheriff and then Mr. Jonas down the way. It felt like we were searching for you for half the night, even though it couldn’t have been more than an hour before we found you there, lost in the woods, wandering around and shivering. You hadn’t even brought a jacket. ” I sat next to my mom on the bed. “Yeah, I didn’t exactly plan ahead for my circus escape. I remember... I remember getting over the idea real quick but I couldn’t find my way back. I’m glad you found me. ” “I’m glad, too, ” my mother said and I noticed her wipe away a tear. “I’m so glad. That hour you were gone, Brian, that was the most afraid I’ve ever been. Afraid we wouldn’t find you, afraid you might be hurt or worse. I couldn’t hardly breathe through the fear. Then, suddenly, you were there and the relief nearly knocked me over. I think we stayed up together the rest of the night watching the stars. I wanted to make sure you could find the North Star in case you ever got lost again. ” She turned back to me, reached out her thin hand and placed it over mine. There were still tears in her eyes but she smiled her lighthouse smile and, for a moment, I saw her just as she used to be, just as she was the night I ran away and my mom found me. I squeezed her hand. “I was scared, too. I was afraid I’d be stuck out there. What made you think of it? ” “Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about dying lately and-” “Don’t, ” I interrupted. “Don’t talk like that. You’re not going anywhere, not for a long time. ” “It’s okay, ” she said, squeezing my hand back. “It’s okay. I’ve known real fear and what I’m feeling ’s not like that. I’m scared, I guess, but I’m at peace with it. I had such a beautiful life. I’m so glad I got to meet you, to be your mom. ” “I’m glad, too, ” I whispered, voice breaking on the last word. But I won’t let you go without a fight, I added silently in my mind. Something was trying to get to my mom. The strangeness began the day after I lit the candle. At first it was small blips, tiny wrongs that I chalked up to my imagination. Doors I knew I’d closed at night were open in the morning. Food began to rot and spoil within days of me bringing it into the house. Eventually, food would go bad within just a few hours. Every few hours the television in the living room would either turn off if it was running, or on if it was off. Clocks would stop overnight, always at 3:03 am. Shadows began sticking to the corners of rooms independent of any light sources. The shadows were stubborn and they would linger for as long as I would stare, then disappear when I blinked. I began hearing bumps and knocks at all hours and sometimes, when I’d enter an empty room, I had a sharp, fleeting certainty that it was only just occupied. I avoided the dining room except to check in twice a day to see if the candle was still burning. The smell was vicious and would claw its way into your throat and nostrils the moment it was given a chance. I kept the door to the room shut and kept air fresheners running in the surrounding rooms 24/7. The funny thing was, the candle never went out, never even seemed to shrink. I could see the wax melting but day-in and day-out the candle refused to change. Days marched into weeks and the wrongness only grew deeper. My mom and I both lost sleep to vivid nightmares that we couldn’t remember when we woke up. Only the echoes remained but those were enough to leave my pulse sprinting until morning. I started sleeping in a chair in my mother’s room. I did this to comfort her if she woke up confused during the night but also because, if I’m being honest, I was too scared to sleep alone. I felt like a child running into his parents’ room, convinced there was a monster under the bed. Thing there was. By the third week I couldn’t keep doors closed. They would slam open the moment I left the room. A terrible scratching began inside of the walls. I told my mom it might be squirrels or mice but the sound was so insistent, not like rodents milling about, more like a dog wanting in. I stopped leaving the house for supplies; instead I had what little food we ate delivered. I kept the curtains drawn. There was tapping on the glass every night. About a month after leaving the hospital we were living like zombies. The dining room couldn’t contain the smell of the candle anymore. The entire house was clogged with the scent. Tiny noises had graduated into full on laughs and screams and whispers in the rooms around us. Something kicked the bathroom door so hard while I was taking a shower that the hinges warped. I covered every mirror in the house. I’d started to see things in the corners looking back at me, half-hidden faces, shapes that skittered away as soon as I turned around. Mom was drifting further and further away. She had long moments of confusion where she’d forget my name, forget where we were. Sometimes, she’d think I was my dad. Other times, she’d just stare at the wall for hours, growing fainter and fainter each day like a polaroid left in the sun. But she was alive. It was clear that we under siege by something. My world shrank to only one room and every trip to the bathroom or to answer the door for food felt like going over the trenches. The noises kept getting worse and worse, the shadows closer, the sense of movement around the house sharper. Every now and then I would feel hot breath on the back of my neck or walk through a cold patch hanging in the air. I stopped bothering redrawing the lines of salt around the house. I knew, deep in my bones, that as long as the sickly candle burned, Death could not take my mom away. On the thirty third day after leaving the hospital, I woke with a start from a nightmare, only to find my mom’s bed empty. She hadn’t been able to walk the past week at all, so my first feeling was hope that she might be improving, at least a little. Then I noticed the oder we’d been living with for weeks was gone. “Mom! ” I shouted, running in bare feet out of the room. I found her in the dining room, the door wide open. She was standing at the table, frail as a neglected scarecrow, bobbing back and forth. Her hands were hovering over the candle. The flame was out. “Why did you do that? ” I whispered. “Mom? you okay? ” I padded into the room, the wooden floor freezing cold. My mother didn’t react to my presence, she just continued rocking side-to-side. I realized she was still asleep. “Mom? ” I gently shook her shoulder. “Wake up. ” Her head snapped back and she nearly fell. I caught her on the way down. It felt like she weighed nothing at all. “What’s going on? ” she asked, looking around the dark room. “Where…” “You’re okay, ” I told her. “You were sleepwalking. ” “I was having the most unusual dream, ” mom mumbled. “There were so many stars and... ” She began to shiver uncontrollably. The cold hit me a moment later. I let out a gasp. The house was chilly before but the dining room was near-arctic. My breath bloomed into a thin cloud in front of my face. I became acutely aware of the complete silence filling the house. Then I heard scratching. It was coming all throughout the house, deep tearing sounds at the walls around the dining room. Footsteps came immediately after, heavy and fast. Somewhere in the house a window shattered. “Brian, ” my mother said, holding onto me. “Don’t worry, ” I said, “everything will be-” My voice deserted me as a massive shadow unfolded in the corner of the room. It was shaped like a man but tall, so very tall. And it was fast. Before I could yell the shadow was on us, pouring over my mother. In the space of a heartbeat, she was simply gone. “No, ” I whispered, clawing at the dissolving shadow where my mom used to be. “No, no, no, no, NO. ” The shadow was disappearing like a puddle sinking into the floor. There was a texture to it, oily and too slick to hold. I thought of my mother the night she found me lost in the woods, the night I’d run away. Her face filled my memory, her lighthouse smile. I remembered the relief I felt when she found me, the overwhelming love. I held onto that feeling, clutching it close. “You can’t have her, ” I whispered. I closed my fist around the last threads of the shadow. There was a terrible sensation of pulling. It was like I’d caught a horse by the tail and it was trying to shake me. But I held on. A sense of ripping and being dragged. It was a riptide with a mind of its own. It could not shake me. The temperature was dropping every second and I felt my vision growing dark. The last thought that ran through my head before I blacked out was a promise to myself that even if I died, my grip would hold. I wouldn’t let my mother’s life slip away. All sounds and light faded, narrowing to a pinprick and then going black. I woke up under a field of stars. I was lying in soft grass, still wearing my pajama bottoms and an old t-shirt. It was cool, wherever I was, but comfortably so. I stood up. There were trees all around me, tall and close, stitched together with shadows. Immediately to my right, there was a road that ran straight as far as I could see, blurring into the horizon. But the stars, they were like nothing I’d ever seen before. Bright ribbons of northern lights rippled above me in green and blue and purple. Stars lit the sky like millions of lanterns floating on a still ocean. The moon shone sharpest of all, a spotlight hanging above the treeline, so close I thought I could stretch up and brush its face. “ You are persistent, ” said a voice from the forest behind me. I whipped around but couldn’t see anyone. Then a dark spot began to clarify against the gloom. The silhouette separated itself and moved towards me. I recognized it instantly as the shadow from the dining room. As it moved closer, the thing grew and grew until it touched the sky and filled my vision. A deep dread sank into me but I stood my ground. “Give me back my mom, ” I shouted. The silhouette pulled away from the sky and then it was standing in front of me, the shape and size of a tall man. But instead of a shadow, the thing had wrapped itself in stars. Miniature constellations drifted across its body, floating slowly like a timelapse of a clear night sky. Burning brightest was the North Star, blue and warm. The space between the stars was absolute black, not a shadow but a complete absence of light. It was the most beautiful, terrifying thing I’d ever seen. “What are you? ” I whispered. “You know, ” it replied. “Give her back, ” I begged. “Please, give her back. ” “I can’t. It’s her time. Past her time. You delayed me. Delayed her. ” I clenched my fists. “She didn’t get enough time. I didn’t get enough time. It’s not right, it’s not fair. ” “Of course it’s not fair, ” the starry thing said, “but it is right. You each have your time, and at the end of it, there’s me, and there is a road, and we walk it together. ” “Where to? ” I asked. “Where are you taking her? ” “I don’t know. It’s not for me to know, only to know how to get there. ” “Then I won’t let you take her. ” I planted myself in the road. The world was still and solemn around us. The constellations drifted like clouds and a soft breeze stirred the branches. The starry thing didn’t respond for a moment. “Your mother was kind and caring. Wherever she goes, she’ll have peace, ” it promised. “But-” The creature raised its hand. “Did you ever stop to think that death isn’t an enemy? Death simply is. It is the natural partner to life. It knows no prejudice or malice, has no designs or ambitions. Your mother spent so long suffering, felt so much pain. Instead of letting her rest, you took it upon yourself to draw her life beyond its given course. You kept her alive but at the cost of stretching her thin, prolonging her sickness, diluting her. Did you keep her alive for her benefit or for yours? ” I couldn’t answer. “Stretching a life is unnatural, dangerous, ” it told me. “In the weeks you kept me away you drew the attention of old things, hungry things, forces that would like nothing better than to swallow even the memory of your mother, to tear and bite until there was nothing left but pain and fear and a perfect emptiness. ” I shuddered remembering the clawing sounds, the shattered window, and the laughter from empty rooms. “I’m sorry, ” I whispered. “Are they hurt her here? Is she safe? ” The stars in the shadow burned brighter for a moment. “Your mother won’t walk her road alone. None of you do. I walk with you, always, to the end. ” “Can I see her? ” I asked. “Please? Just, me say goodbye. ” It considered for several seconds. “You are persistent. ” And then the starry thing was gone. I was standing alone on an empty road. “Brian? ” I turned to find my mother behind me on the road. She looked younger, healthier than I’d seen her in years. The frailty was gone and my mother seemed exactly as I remembered her when she found me in the woods all those years ago. “Isn’t this the most beautiful dream? ” she asked, staring up at the night sky. “Yeah, ” I said, trying to keep my voice steady. “A beautiful dream. I love you, mom. I love you so much, so very much. ” She smiled and touched my cheek. “I love you, too. Don’t cry, it’s okay. I’ll wake up any time now. I’ll see you then. ” I nodded, wiping at tears. “Sure, yeah, I’ll see you then. ” “What do you think is at the end of the road? ” she asked. “Do you think I’ll have time to find out before I wake up? ” I looked out at the road, scanning the trees for any hungry shadows. “I don’t know, I don’t know where it goes omise me you’ll be careful. ” My mom smiled wider. “Of course I’ll be careful. ” “And she won’t walk alone, ” said a familiar voice behind us both. I turned, expecting the starry thing. But the man standing on the road was entirely normal. The light from the moon was enough that I could see he had moss green eyes and a bright shock of red hair. “Such a beautiful dream, ” my mother said. The man came towards us and took my mother’s hand. He and I looked so alike, I could see why my mother confused us when she was sick. “Take care of her, ” I told the man. “I…just please take care of her, make sure she gets where she’s going. There are, well, there are things out there that want her, to hurt her, it’s, it’s my fault, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry-” The man squeezed my shoulder. “She’ll be safe, watched over. If the Devil himself is waiting on the road ahead he’ll move. Or he’ll be moved. ” I believed him. Thoughts raced through my head. There were so many things I wanted to say, questions, a million ways to say goodbye. I wanted to stretch out the moment for as long as I could but I realized I’d already delayed my mother enough. “I love you, ” I told them both. “Goodbye. ” I woke up back in my dining room sitting at the table, the unlit candle in front of me. The house was quiet and still. There was no more scratching, no sound or sense of life at all. I walked through every room. The house was empty. I was alone. I’ve spent the past couple months working on the house, erasing the marks I’d made, fixing up the property. Some nights I take long walks out into the forest. I’m far enough out in the country that on clear nights it’s like looking up at a sea of stars. I think about my parents the most during those walks, I grieve and remember in my own way. And I wonder where their road went, if they’re still traveling or if they reached their destination. I hope that their road takes them strange and beautiful places. When I walk at night, I look up for the North Star to keep from getting lost. Maybe they do the same. When it’s full, I also look up towards the moon. I wonder if my parents had a chance to visit, to search for hidden oceans. I like to think they did, that the moon has at least one Maria, the one I love most. EDIT: Thank you to everyone who read the story and my heart goes out to every single person that shared their experiences, spoke about their grief, love and family. Life is too short, and it's never fair, but I know that as long as you remember the people you've lost, they never walk their road alone.

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Your Enemy => Aaron Keener After disappearing in the first game, Keener has resurfaced, surrounded himself with other rogue Agents, and used them to unite New York’s violent factions under his own banner. Worse, he’s working to create a new bioweapon even more potent than the Green Poison that brought society crashing down. Keener is not only looking for revenge, but he also seeks chaos, because he believes this is the only way humanity can thrive. And he is not alone. He recruited four other Rogue Agents that not only have the skill but also the determination to achieve that goal. These agents have worked their way up within factions ruling over Lower Manhattan. If we want to get to Keener, we need to go through them first. => The Rogue Agents Vivian Conley => Image Vivian Conley is a former counter-terrorism intelligent agent and chemical engineer. Conley’s last known location was the Two Bridges sector of Lower Manhattan. A hurricane-ravaged New York City a few months ago, so it’s a far cry from the thriving urban sector it once was. Javier Kajika => Image He is a master of stealth and infiltration. He was a black-ops hitman for the U. S. government. Since the collapse, his loyalty goes to whoever will feed his need for blood. Our latest intel locates Kajika somewhere in the Battery Park area. This is the part of the city that’s taken over by swamp. The terrain is rough and scattered with giant sinkholes that used to be subway tunnels. Odds are, he knows that you are coming for him and he plans to use the dicey terrain to get the drop on you. The Cleaners => Image Both Conley and Kajika work with the Cleaners. A former New York City sanitation unit that believes only fire can stop the virus. Conley was recruited by the cleaners when she went rogue and thanks to her technical expertise, they’re deadlier than ever. The Cleaners are ruthless and their “Cleansing Fire” takes no prisoners. James Dragov => Image Dragov is a former police officer and a heavy weapons and defense specialist. His relentless fight for justice made him a legend on the force. But now, his allegiance has changed. Dragov took hold of the Financial District and has been using it as the center of his Black-Market operation. The intel suggests, he is still there. But be careful, major flooding has transformed the entire district into a mudslide. Theo Parnell => Image Parnell is a drone engineer and skilled hacker. He’s managed to stay off the grid, so all we can say for sure is, he’s a true mater of decoys and deception. Keener’s arranged for the Rikers to protect him at an unknown location in the Civic Center area. Rikers => Image Dragov and Parnell have both been linked to the Rikers. Ex-Cons from Riker-Island prison. Regardless of who their enemies were in the past, they’ve agreed to band together. Their motto: “Power by Numbers” and just like Keener, they thrive in chaos. Last Words Before you arrive at the Base of Operations with Agent Alani Kelso, you should be warned: A lot has changed in New York. The days when Division Agents were seen as knights in shining armor are long gone. The people that you will meet are survivors. Ever since Keener and his rouge agents took over Lower Manhattan there’s been a distrust of Division agents amongst civilians. Your Contacts Agent Faye Lau has been the acting commander of The Division in New York City and is leading the hunt for Keener. Her methods are “unconventional”. But we’re in a race against the clock and Lau knows what it takes to get results quickly. => Image Paul Rhodes You’ll also find Paul Rhodes, now the leader of the civilian settlement. Because he’s so tapped into the city he may be able to help you track Keener and his rogue agents. => Image Campaign => The Map SHD Agents are being sent to Lower Manhattan in response to a recent biological attack resulting in the death of numerous civilians and SHD Agents. Your job will be to hunt down Aaron Keener who orchestrated the attack and who we believe is planning to launch future attacks. Considering the delicate scenario, once sent to New York, you won’t be able to return to Washington D. for the duration of the entire operation. However, once you’ve reached Level 40 and finished the main campaign missions, you’ll be free to switch between Washington D. C and New York as you want, enjoying the brand new endgame and seasonal post-launch activities. Five main campaign missions The renewed battle for New York unfolds across five main campaign missions (four of which can be tackled in any order), along with open-world activities and eight interconnected side missions that let Agents further interfere with Keener’s plans. Once you’ve finished those, you’ll have a new endgame to contend with, which affects not only New York but Washington, DC as well. All is connected There are five distinct investigation threads, each linking the main and side missions together and leading you through the narrative. 5 Main Missions 8 Side Missions Main missions and side missions are now linked together. Improved Boss fight mechanics Unique Skill Mod rewards Lower Manhattan Map Expansion: Lower Manhattan 4 Named Zones Fog of War – Explore the map to identify points of interest and activities. Wide range of Open World activities as well as new secrets and collectibles to find. Four New Named Zones Warlords of New York’s Lower Manhattan contains four new named zones to explore: the Financial District, Two Bridges, Battery Park, and Civic Center. These areas make up a massive former Dark Zone that encompasses places like Wall Street and Chinatown, all recently smashed by a summer hurricane into a treacherous, twisted landscape. The new zones are open only to Agents who’ve reached Level 30 and World Tier 5. Each zone levels up along with your Agent, letting you explore freely as you climb toward the new level cap of 40. Financial District Two Bridges Battery Park Civic Center Enemy Scaling and Freedom of Choice In The Division 2 Warlords of New York, enemy levels always scale to player level, regardless of the activity you choose. You’ll be able to explore the map and play any mission you want, whatever order you prefer since missions will be scaled according to your level, alongside the Open World. Choose your own path, agents! Of course, it’s still possible to play missions with other agents since enemies will scale their power to the group members in the session. Once you finish the new main campaign missions and reach the new level cap at 40, all world activities will scale at max level too, including those in Washington D. Playing the main campaign missions will sure help to get to the maximum level and finish your objective. However, exploring New York has its own rewards! Not only will you encounter Control Points, Supply Drops, patrolling enemies and other activities, you can also pick up loot from the different containers spread around New York, new collectibles, puzzles and much more! All these activities scale with your level too and make New York truly your own playground! Fog of War => Fog Upon the arrival in New York, what Agents should expect is an unexplored territory where the entire world map is initially covered by Fog of War. While the Fog of War is active, question marks will appear on the world map, and it is up to you to find what’s hidden in the area. GPS navigation won’t be available until the map is explored, but once you clear the Fog of War, all markers on the world map will be revealed. Even in the dark of the Fog of War, you’ll be able to see clues that will help you through the hunt for your primary target: Aaron Keener. Agents, you’re the Light in the Dark. Factions of NYC While the Rikers and Cleaners may be familiar names to the veterans of the first game, they are not quite the same factions as you might remember. In the months passed between the two games, the factions have re-organized themselves after the loss of their leaders, grown more battle-hardened and are now more tactically minded in combat. In addition to these, you will also find the occasional Last Man Battalion soldier together with the Black Tusk, as the remnants of the once-powerful mercenary group are now under Black Tusk command. Rikers – Escaped inmates from Rikers Island Prison. Cleaners – Former sanitation workers who believe the way to stop the virus is to burn it out. Peacekeepers – Civilian group made up of battle-hardened survivors and former JTF members. Other Additions Level 40 With TU8 / Warlords of New York, we get a new level cap – Level 40. Your adventures in New York require an upgrade to your firepower, which is why in The Division 2 Warlords of New York, players will be able to increase their Level from 30 to 40 and are presented with our new end-game. Gear Score, a term our veteran players know, will no longer be the way to measure how powerful your agent will be once you venture into Lower Manhattan. Players who don’t own the expansion will continue to protect Washington D. in World Tier 5, at Level 30 and an increased 515 Gear Score. They won’t be able to join New York players or Level 40 agents in the Level 40 Washington D. C or New York activities, but will still share public spaces such as Settlements or the Base of Operation. The Division 2 Warlords of New York owners who didn’t complete the main Washington D. campaign and World Tiers can, if they wish to do so, start from Level 30, World Tier 5 and transfer to New York, using the Level 30 Boost that comes with the purchase of the expansion. Level 30 Boost Clarification An unlimited-use level-30 boost is included in the Warlords of New York expansion, available on March 3. A single-use level-30 boost is available in the in-game store now. The single-use can still be purchased by players who have already pre-ordered the expansion. This is not intentional, and players who purchased both products accidentally can contact support for a refund. Coop level 30 and level 40 If you are playing content in Washington D. C., level 30 and level 40 players can play together, there are no restrictions. The level 30 player will be buffed to level 40 – like when you play with a sub-30 player – and everybody will be able to do their job. The Raid will have a level 30 and a level 40 version, currently it has not been defined how exactly it will work there. Four New Skills You’ll also be able to unlock four new Skills, including a decoy, an incendiary sticky bomb launcher, a trip-wire trap, and an explosive sticky bomb launcher. New Gear Warlords of New York will also see a large number of new exotics, named items and gear be introduced to the game. Exotics At launch you won’t be able to upgrade exotics to level 40, as they would like you to focus on the new exotics and items in general. They do want to allow you to bring them up later and are looking at interesting ways of doing it that also make exotic materials more useful. A New Cohesive End-game Experience A major focus during the development of Warlords of New York was to create a compressive, cohesive end-game experience with clear goals after having reached Level 40. A number of features will come together to shape this new end-game experience, including SHD Levels, Legendary difficulty, Seasons and more. SHD Levels A new infinite progression system unlocks points to improve your agent on a regular basis. Once you hit level 40 – the new level cap – the SHD Levels replace the old Field Proficiency system. Instead of earning a cache with loot, you now have the opportunity to invest points into one of four distinct Core Attribute categories that give your agent a permanent upgrade. => Overview => Point Increase There are a total of four Core Attribute categories (Offense, Defense, Utility, Handling) and one Scavenging category. Defense, for example, also has subcategories and in each sub-category you can invest a total of 50 points. For example, you can increase your Total Health through these SHD Level Points and each point gives you 0. 2% more health as permanent upgrade. That means, when you max out that category, you have 10% more health. Scavenging has, in contrast to the other categories, no cap and can be invested in as much as you want. Through this category, you get access to resources. As you level up the SHD Level, your watch will also get visual improvements and will look more impressive. Not Mandatory As mentioned, the SHD Level System has clear defined caps and when you max out a category, you don’t get 400% more damage. It gives you an increase that you will notice, but it is not mandatory to max out all categories to be able to play the Raid for example. Account vs. Character At the moment it has not been specified if the SHD Level can be leveled per account or if it is character bound. Core Attribute categories are: The Core Attribute categories upgrades are finite. Once maxed out, the SHD level points can be spend into the fifth, scavenging category – yielding credits and crafting materials. Offense: Weapon Damage Headshot Damage Critical Hit Chance Critical Hit Damage Defense: Armor Health Explosive Resistance Hazard Protection Utility: Skill Damage Skill Haste Skill Duration Skill Repair Miscellaneous: Accuracy Stability Reload Speed Ammo Capacity The Scavenging category gives players resources, including: Credits Steel Ceramics Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber Electronics Titanium Printer Filament The look of your Agent’s wristwatch, representing SHD Level, will become increasingly impressive over time, signifying players’ reached milestones to other Agents. Heroic Difficulty for the other Factions Heroic difficulty missions will no longer be exclusive to Black Tusk, and all factions will be available in Heroic difficulty. Legendary Difficulty The new Legendary difficulty will become available to Level 40 agents and it is The Division 2’s pinnacle difficulty. While the raid was all about puzzles, coordination and teamwork, Legendary Difficulty is designed to test how good players are at every aspect of combat. A new, elite sub-faction of the Black Tusk will be sure to keep you on your toes through a new legendary AI. It Scales Legendary difficulty scales depending on whether Agents play solo or with a team. Active on three Strongholds Players who feel Heroic difficulty isn’t challenging enough can try Legendary difficulty in the three original Strongholds, featuring the toughest AI yet. Roosevelt Island Capitol Building District Union Arena New Enemy The Black Tusk got a visual makeover in Legendary missions, trading all-black outfits for all-white ones. Enemy AI has been toughened, and cooldowns and wind-up times have been shortened to get a more pure and deadlier version of the original Black Tusk Archetype to provide a challenge for the top players. The goal is, that the difficulty does not come from enemy health or damage, but from their AI and tactics. You will need min-maxed gear that is optimized for that sort of content and does its job in terms of effectiveness or damage. Some Archetypes also got new abilities to make them more deadlier. For example: The legendary Black Tusk Tank now has a Wasp Hive equipped – so the closer he gets, the more dangerous he is. Rewards Since Gear 2. 0 is also part of TU8, it is now possible that difficulty = loot quality. But how does that work? When you look at the stats on the equipment they have defined what “average rolls” for the attributes are and the higher your difficulty is, you have less bad rolls on your gear. So there will be a big difference in terms of how good the rolls on your gear are between normal difficulty and legendary difficulty. Legendary Leaderboards Something they have on the radar and when this is something the community wants, then that will be something they look into. Directives => Image Independently from Global Difficulty, directives allow you to activate gameplay modifiers on main missions, side missions, and open-world activities; increasing the overall difficulty and granting you additional XP. You will be able to activate up to 5 directives, scaling up the XP reward multiplier for each active directive. As seasonal XP is gained by all activities that yield XP, activating directives will also boost your seasonal XP gain. The Selections You can select from these Directives: Ammo Hoarders Start with less ammo & lose rounds left when reloading. Enemies don’t drop ammo & no ammo is shown on the mini-map. Cool Skills When one skill is activated the other is put on cooldown. Fog of War Revisited Mini Map and directional threat indicators are removed. No Regen Armor never regenerates after an encounter. It can be manually healed. Special Ammo Enemy bullets may be of special types. What type depends on the enemy faction. Global Difficulty With Warlords of New York the behavior of Control Point changes. Before it was a constant fight against the factions and you really had to defend your Control Points. With the update, once you have taken a Control Point it is yours and it will stay that way. Then it is up to you if you want a very peaceful map and let it stay that way. => Difficulty => Directives => Confirmation If you want more action, you can reset the map by changing the Global Difficulty. You can select from normal to hard and every time you change that difficulty, the map is reset – including Control Points. When that is not enough – directives can be applied on top of that. Both Global Difficulty and Directives affect every activity you can do in the Open World – Control Points, Supply Drops or Hostage Situations. Of course get rewards and loot that reflects that difficulty. Also – as shown in the screenshots – activating more directives gives you up to 125% more XP while doing activities. Global difficulty settings will apply both to New York and Washington, DC. Some surprises will be injected into the game to ensure that every time you replay something, there will be something to make it a little different. Seasons Overview Seasons is a key aspect of the new end-game experience. Each 12 weeks long, a season will task you to hunt down manhunt targets and earn unique rewards in the process. Seasons will become available for all players when reaching Level 40, allowing you to earn a new skill mod and unique seasonal gear and cosmetics by progressing through the seasonal level system. While participating in Seasonal events will yield additional Season XP, all in-game activities will reward Seasonal XP, allowing you to progress through the seasonal track while engaging in the activities of your choosing. In addition, an optional purchase will be available in the in-game store, which increases the overall rewards gained per season. As a top-level overview, a season is a calendar of in-game activities that ensures that you will have new activities to participate in on a weekly basis. In a nutshell, these activities can be categorized into: Seasonal Manhunt Targets Reimagined Global Events Leagues Apparel Events Season Events Introduction After you have completed the vast new narrative experience in Warlords of New York and reached level 40, Seasons will be waiting for you with a whole new set of rewards, activities, and opportunities. A breakdown of Seasons Once you finish the story of Warlords of New York and reach the new level 40 endgame, Seasons bring further progression opportunities and playstyles. Starting one week after the release of Warlords of New York and lasting 3 months, Seasons revolve around the manhunt, a multi-step journey hunting down Rogue agents; players can also look forward to reimagined Global Events, new gear, Leagues, and apparel – all with a unique thematic that not only applies to loot but also encounter design. Seasonal Manhunt Every Season pits players against a new target, aided by their local network. The Manhunt takes players across a large and varied set of locations in both New York as well as D. – unlocking step by step as targets become available throughout the Season. Finishing the Manhunt will grant a new unique skill mod used by the target players are tasked with taking down. Further down the line, we will communicate how players can attain the unique mods of previous Seasons. Part of our effort to provide players with more meaningful and nuanced gameplay opportunities is to streamline the width of content added to The Division 2, with the goal of more focused and fun experience. Narrative elements have been entwined with the Manhunt’s story, the gameplay of a particular Season and its Live service, rather than delivered as static story missions such as Classified Assignments. These types of story missions might make occasional appearances but will no longer be the main way we deliver new narrative content going forward. => Season Seasonal Activities Throughout a Season there will be a multitude of different activities to provide players with varied and rewarding gameplay. Our fresh take on Global Events will have Agents facing completely new types of challenges never before seen in The Division; new gear sets added in a Season will be designed with the intention of keeping a living and interesting meta-game, and Leagues give players with a more competitive attitude a go-to area to check their standing. Season Progression => Season Progression Players progress through a Season by gaining Season Levels, each unlocking a reward in the Season Track. Season Levels were developed as a direct response to the previous years’ learnings and player feedback with the intent of making progression feel predictable, ensuring that no matter the mercy of the RNG Gods, you benefit from playing. To reach this goal we have designed the Season Track to feel directed, flavorful and meaningful featuring named weapons and gear. Additionally, Gear Caches will contain season-specific loot tables. The Track has been balanced so that impactful rewards are granted early, to ensure not only the most committed players get to enjoy these and avoiding putting pressure on those who play at a calmer pace. A total of 100 levels can be attained over the 12 weeks of a Season; presently we estimate an average player will gain a level every 30 minutes to 1 hour of gameplay with no additional experience modifiers. These numbers are still in flux. Those who wish to progress faster and perfect their leveling efficiency will be able to do so by completing seasonal activities or participating in XP multiplier events throughout a Season. Anyone who owns Warlords of New York will have access to all Seasonal content for free. Those who wish to gain additional rewards when gaining Season Levels can purchase a Season Pass unlocking an additional track of gear from that Seasons’ loot table, seasonal apparel, apparel keys, crafting materials and more. To keep the playing field fair, we made sure all gameplay affecting rewards on the additional reward track can be attained through normal playing. Gear available in the Premium track will be non-curated random rolls. Premium Progression track Each Season has two progression tracks. One that is free for everybody and a Premium Progression track. You need to purchase access to the Premium Track and it gives you more rewards. But there is no exclusive game changing gear on the Premium track it is just more of the same equipment and they are of course random rolled. The only thing truly exclusive are the apparel items that you get from the Premium track. The exact price of the Premium Track is still in discussion. What happens to player's that choose to stay in D. C? Traveling back to New York to hunt down Aaron Keener and his posse of Rogue agents will start a whole new chapter of The Division 2 for many players – with a whole new endgame, infinite progression system, seasons and more becoming available at level 40. For those who choose to stay in D. all Year 1 content will still be available, along with level 30 versions of Dark Hours (as well as Raid #2 once released) and the level 30 endgame. To minimize the division of playerbase, any level 40 player will be able to join level 30 activities with level scaling. All players, regardless of the ownership of Warlords of New York, will continue receiving Quality of Life changes, in addition to core system improvements such as Gear 2. 0 and improved UI/UX flows. Apparel Events, Global Events and Seasons are exclusive to owners of Warlords of New York. Dark Zone There will be no new Dark Zone in the Warlords of New York expansion. All these changes apply to the existing Dark Zones in Washington D. Dark Zone Rework “The Dark Zone is a place for wolves and not sheep” With TU8, the Dark Zones get a general overhaul that tunes them into a places for players that are ready to face the challenge of another player. So if you are a player that is ready to fight other players and has no issue with the lawlessness of the Dark Zone, then this new and revamped Dark Zone is made for you. What they don’t want to do is to draw in players into those areas that are not looking for this sort of challenge. In essence, if you are a more PVE focused player, you have a lot of other activities and the Dark Zone does not have to be a place to go for you. Player Count is still 12 After the matchmaking changes from Title Update 6 that had the goal to put players into Dark Zone Sessions that already had players in them, it became clear, that the best experience is with 12 players. They made internal tests with 16 players and it just became too crowded – but they will monitor how things develop. VOIP on by default Like in the old Dark Zone, VOIP is on by default, but you still have the option to turn it off. New Social Menu There is also a special social menu that allows you to see players in a 100-meter radius and this also allows you to mute players that are rude. No Signature Ammo There will be no more Signature Weapon ammo in the Dark Zone, so you will not be able to use Signature Weapons in the Dark Zone. More Ammo Crates There will be Ammo Crates at every Extraction Zone. Good Loot The Dark Zone is a good place to get some of the best gear in game and there is also exclusive DZ gear. Clean loot is gone Clean loot is gone, all loot you get needs to be extracted. The contaminated loot is no longer scrambled, so you see what you just picked up and you can decide if you want to keep and extract it or not. If you don’t want to keep it, you can deconstruct the contaminated loot and earn Dark Zone Resources from that. But even currency needs to be extracted. New ways to earn XP and currency Dark Zone XP and Dark Zone Resources can only be earned from things that have to do with interacting with other players. Kills, Extractions, Revives, protection of Extractions, killing rogues or going Manhunt. More Extraction Zones Since pretty much everything in the Dark Zone is contaminated and needs to be extracted, there are also more Extraction Zones per Dark Zone – three to be exact. Grey rogue status is removed The Grey Rogue status that was introduced with The Division 2 is removed. You are either rogue or you are not. Faster Rogue toggle The Rogue Toggle was introduced in Division 1 when it became clear, that going rogue on damage to other players can be exploited. That is why the Rogue Toggle was introduced that had to be pushed for multiple seconds while the other players around you got a notification that someone was about to go rogue. With TU8 that mechanic is still there but it is a lot faster – it takes about 300ms to register and then you are rouge. On top of that, it also does not impact what you are doing. So when you are aiming at someone, you can still do that, press the Rogue Toggle and open fire. But while you can toggle rogue faster, the other players still get a notification that someone is going rogue so that you have at least a chance to react. New Dark Zone Perks The Dark Zone Perks have also been revamped: They’ve removed the things that had the goal to avoid PVP (like shortening the extraction process). On top of that, the Dark Zone Rank now means something, because you can only earn XP for that rank through interaction with other players. Occupied Dark Zone becomes Invaded Dark Zone With TU8 they are stepping away from having “normal” and “occupied” Dark Zones. Now both Dark Zones have the same rules and it makes basically no difference, what Dark Zone you venture into. The former “Occupied Dark Zone” is now just an “Invaded Dark Zone” – so as before you face the Black Tusk. The Manhunt mechanic of the old Occupied Dark Zone is now applied to all Dark Zones. Gear 2. 0 will also impact PVP They also want to highlight, that all the Gear 2. 0 changes, how the builds are put together or how Skills now scale, have an impact on how PVP plays and how encounters play out. So PvP will be very different once that drops. Title Update 8 Warlords of New York expansion will be accompanied by the FREE Title Update 8 for all The Division 2 players on March 3rd. We have been hard at work reworking a number of core areas of the game while also keeping both Washington D. C’s end-game and the new, level 40 New York City end-game in mind. A lot of these changes have been heavily influenced by community feedback we’ve received since launch. New Level 30 Power Level Gear Score 515 Gear 2. 0 Reworked brand set bonuses to better fit common playstyles Return of the so-called” God Roll”, allowing items to potentially drop with maxed out attributes in all areas Core attributes for all items Improved UI to at a glance identify the quality of an item More powerful, build-defining talents Talent requirement has been removed Gearsets and Exotics revamp Mod slots have been redistributed and are now linked to specific gear slots & more… => Summary Recalibration Changes Extract item talents and attributes and store them permanently in your recalibration library If you find a higher roll of a stored attribute, you can replace the old stored attribute at any time The UI will seamlessly indicate that you have a better roll available to store in the library Stored attributes can be used indefinitely and are not used up in the recalibration process Talents, stats, core stats, and mod slots will be recalibratable The 1 recalibration per item limit will remain & more… => Summary Skill Power Changes Skill Tier is replacing skill power 6 Skill Tiers; each item with the Skill Tier core attribute will add one tier Each tier boosts the skill’s effectiveness Overcharge mechanic – Paired with gear and exotic talents, skills can now Overcharge, greatly increasing the skill’s effectiveness for a short duration Skill Mods no longer have skill power requirements & more… => Summary Dark Zone Improvements As listed in the Dark Zone Segment Launch Details and Versions The Division 2 Warlords of New York launches on March 3 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and UPLAY+, and is coming to Stadia later in March. In the meantime, players can begin setting the stage for Warlords of New York with Episode 3 – Coney Island: The Hunt, which arrives on February 12 for Year 1 Pass owners, and will be free for all Division 2 players on February 19. Episode 3 features two new missions set in Coney Island, two new Classified Assignments for Year 1 Pass owners, and a new Firewall Specialization that can deal massive flamethrower damage while also buffing allies who stand behind the Firewall’s shield. On March 3, Division 2 Agents will enter the new open world of Lower Manhattan in the Warlords of New York expansion. Pre-purchase the expansion now at the Ubisoft Store, and you can take advantage of a special promotion to get The Division 2 for $3 — a discount of 95% off. It’s the lowest price ever for the fight to save Washington, DC, and if you bundle in the Warlords of New York expansion, you’ll have two cities full of sinister foes and powerful gear to explore. The promotion is available now through March 2 at the Ubisoft Store; read on for more details on what the available bundles include. Prices are from the official announcement and could not apply to all countries The Division 2 – $3 The Division 2 base game Warlords of New York Expansion – $30 Requires base game to access Warlords of New York Expansion Level 30 boost Level cap increase to 40 Extended Endgame Warlords of New York Edition – $33 The Division 2 base game Warlords of New York Expansion Level 30 boost Level cap increase to 40 Extended Endgame Warlords of New York Ultimate Edition – $53 The Division 2 base game Warlords of New York Expansion Level 30 boost Level cap increase to 40 Extended Endgame Year 1 Pass Content Ultimate Pack The Warlords of New York expansion is launching on March 3rd. Sources Video Main Show Video Post Show Get The Division 2 For 95% Off As Major Expansion Announced The Division 2 Warlords of New York Expansion Takes Players Back to the Big Apple March 3 What you need to know before heading to New York Warlords of New York Expansion Overview What are Seasons in The Division 2: Warlords of New York? State of the Game Recap - February 12, 2020.

Anyone here after Legacies 1x12 #Hizzie. This song is so underrated, I wish he still made music like this. Damp on the walls and a kick in the face I said that's. I have to thank the enemy for this tune 4 years ago i was a ravin coke head from rugby with out a pot to piss in. everything i earnt i spent on drugs (thou it was good) i knew i ad to rise above an this song inspired me, know i live in brisbane in a house wiv a pool an a games room an a bmw x5. thou i still miss the drugs thank u the enemy. im just a stinkin bricklayer if i can do it any1 can. The enemy within tv series.

I'm Scottish but although this band is english they are awsome how nonsensical. COMMENT BELOW IF I'M MISSING ANYTHING - WALLS - - Many units that have been able to climb walls in tabletop (like Forest Goblin Spider Riders) or should just be able to do so logistically (Skaven, ethereal units) still require ladders. - Certain walls, especially with Vampire and Lizard walls for some reason, are really finicky about allowing you to click your ladder placement on them. You need to come in at a pixel-perfect weird angle to click them. - Units FREQUENTLY drop orders to erect ladders when they're at the walls. They move into the position at the base of the wall and then just sit there cluelessly being shot by towers until you re-order them. - Arbitrary magic restrictions for casting on walls. Maybe things like moving vortexes (Flame Storm, Banishment) would be too glitchy to allow, but plenty spells seem disallowed for no particular reason. I can't use Pendulum but I can use Pit of Shades? Where's either the game or internal logic? Best is buffing/healing spells like Nehek that just decide being atop a wall while healing is too far, but being casted on the ground and catching your wall units in the circle's periphery is okay. - Spells can't navigate around the bases of walls. How many times have you tried to cast a line spell like Winds of Death on that unit standing by the gate, only for it to veer off inexplicably by 195 degrees and wasting your magic? - Wall standing spots are too rigid, compared to something like battlefield movement where you can place your formation wherever they'll fit as opposed to conforming to preset tiles. This is particularly inconvenient when trying to fit a couple units in the same area that should logically be able to fit but don't. - Units are absolutely retarded about pathing on and off walls. If you overchase a routing enemy with one of your model off the walls, the other 89 models in that unit will follow and are really stubborn about getting back up. I once overchased two Chosen into routing Bowmen, only for them to get caught by Grail Knights and REFUSING to climb back on the wall no matter how much I spam clicked. - Line-of-sight on walls for missile units can be whack, oftentimes refusing to shoot at an approaching enemy that isn't in direct center of their LoS. - GATES - - Enemies frequently open the gate while you're attacking it, sometimes allowing you to pass inside, sometimes not. Sometimes your models will clip inside and they'll open the gate, but you aren't allowed to order them to retreat outside. - Multi-model units attacking a gate will clip through, allowing the enemy to attack them with no retreat. - Ranged line-of-sight through gates is buggy and unreliable. It seems particularly bad for foot missiles. - Gates can easily be block-cheesed on defense. A Norscan War Mammoth will have no idea how to enter a destroyed gate into a city if one Empire Captain is standing in front of him. - Rams are shit and entirely too slow. Totally worthless to factions with good monsters and just tower/missile bait to anything else. I'd prefer to run any infantry unit without a ram even if it takes them longer to break down the gate. - SETTLEMENTS - - Many, many fort layouts are mostly copy-pasted. One-wall or two-wall assault with minute differences in the "street" layouts. - Settlements hardly take into account racial differences at all. The only thing that makes some settlements better than others is where their capture points are set, and that just seems like an accidental byproduct of the art direction. Karaz-a-Karak is as difficult to assail as Castle Templehof? I was also unaware the Vampires had artillery but only to be used in turrets around their settlements. Dwarves and Skaven only have one layer of defense to the hearts of their strongholds? - If the settlements are meant to be equal across the board, why does race seem to highly determine how effective towers are? Tier 5 Skaven and Lizard towers annihilate hundreds of attackers, meanwhile, tier 5 Bretonnian towers don't make a huge difference. Similarly, garrisons largely vary in dependability. All but the largest Bretonnian settlements have like two Knights of the Realm, tops, but Norscan "settlements" can fend off most rebellions singlehandedly. - Building models often have weird invisible hitboxes. Sometimes you can't stretch out a unit as far as you visibly appear to be able to, and other times the camera can't handle going within 30 feet of a building. This one's rare, but sometimes you're unable to click units because of invisible hitboxes on the taller buildings. - AI/CAMPAIGN - - Arbitrary "siege attacker" restrictions for attacking a settlement on your first turn, especially when your entire army has ladders in their asshole. I'm sure a bunch of greenskins would think "wait, guys, we can't just charge the enemy. We need to spend a week building one ram, then the siege is golden. " - Did I mention every foot unit has ladders in their asshole? Why are these always ready to go for everyone but something like one shitty ram takes a whole turn to construct? - Every faction has siege towers despite them either logically not being able to build them (Beastmen) or not really having the need for them (Skaven). - Vermintides emerge from the ground only to deploy outside the city. lol - You very rarely ever get your settlements attacked unless the battle is hopelessly in the enemy's favor. - Balance of power massively over-favors enemy armies if they're defending. A BoP can be dead-even when you have 16 Chosen and the enemy has a couple of Ironbreakers and a Gyrocopter. Yeah, those 24 kills the towers got altogether really were an odd-evener. Glad I have to fight a bunch of boringly easy battles manually. - Depending on your faction, defending the walls and manning towers can be a complete waste of time, the best strategies often being having the enemy choke up in the funnel to your cap and cheesing artillery/missiles on the blob. This also can be really settlement dependent as seemingly arbitrary things such as whether there are 3 or 4 routes to your town square allows the AI to path there efficiently. - The AI in this game isn't impressive but it's at least serviceable in field battles. Cheesing enemy settlements with artillery is so incredibly easy, having them sit there and take 80 mortars and refusing to either sally out or at the least, stop standing on that one wall where you killed 400 of their buddies. - Enemy AI often puts most of their strong units on the capture point when successful attacks rarely reach there anyway. Star dragons and Grail Guardians just sit and watch as their chaff is massacred then flee during Army Losses without having fought at all. Out of my 1100 hours in this game, I think I have won settlement assaults via capture two, three times at the most, and that includes not full caps, but baiting the enemy out of other positions. - The very nature of settlement battles means some units are far better than others. On the one hand, I definitely believe artillery and big monsters should help you out more in a siege than heavy and skirmish cavalry, but on the other hand, you can't easily or quickly swap out armies in campaign, so if you want to play "optimally, " you're just gonna have to avoid those Razorgore Chariots altogether and just spam Cygors. OVERALL, sieges are repetitive, boring, too easy, and take entirely too much time for battles that are won the same ways over and over. I love this game and I appreciate the dev work a lot, but it's no secrets most seasoned players hate sieges, especially since they've been dumbed down from previous TW titles despite the fact the unit rosters are more complex than ever. I assume they're withholding any MAJOR changes 'til Warhammer III. I hope so, because I don't see my self buying the game if this HUGE chunk of campaigns is still this mediocre.

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