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January 4, 2020, 4:05 am


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Jeez Madsen without Tarentino. This just looks like a bunch of actors down on their luck looking for a free vacation. Hopeless until institutions and private individuals STOP buying from pot hunters. That's two interesting movie i want to watch. Quest for the Lost Maya - DocuWiki. Zahi Hawas is a joke ! He ended sacked for incompetence and fraud.

I wonder what is the interconnection Maya and Malay... Its a skip for me. looks cheap. Cranial Boarding on the figures on the plates shows that they new/revered the Chulpah (Paracas Man. Wowww. Thank you sooo much! Fabulously interesting.


This Zahi Hawass guy is the most closed minded person in Egyptology. His famous tendency to reject anything which challenges the traditional theories of the monuments of giza are indicative of his nationalistic pride. He sees everything as a work of Egypt's people first and foremost, and angrily shoots down any ideas which take away credit from the nation itself being the whole source of the construction of the great monuments. Likewise, he is at the forefront of many campaigns around the world to discredit any other pyramids in other nations which may challenge his own nation's works. He is an emotional, and small minded asshole, to put it plainly, and has stood in the way and prevented many studies by those who wanted to look into certain aspects of these monuments being of an origin different from the established norm. Fuck that guy.

Quest For The Lost City (Mayan History Documentary. Feb 2, 2018. Archaeologists have harnessed sophisticated technology to reveal lost cities and thousands of ancient structures deep in the Guatemalan. National Geographic's Quest for the Lost Maya follows a team of archaeologists as they uncover evidence of a forgotten Mayan society in the Yucatán. Buried. We look at history through our present day lens, Looking at how Guatemalans behave is it really a stretch to imagine their Kings using such harsh disciplines on the subjects justly. Rampant looting and crime for the whole area. Everythings the oldest known structure on earth. Lost Cities of the Maya: Revealed - All 4. Back when history channel actually was History and their documentaries mattered.

Amazing. Feb 11, 2018. A startling research project is transforming what we thought we knew about the Maya. Quest for the Lost Civilisation. 3 Episodes. A very good idea for a movie ruined by this. Probably 20 budget. Bad acting, bad effects, bad scripts etc. I would love to see a movie formed by this idea with better acting, script and a bigger budget. I will second that. The movie is ruined by the trailer. Central America, Still Life Projects. Agree, amazing jungle so prolific. Thinking centuries before cleared for immense buildings.🇺🇸🇩🇰🗿🦅. Your fault showing everyone where you are,don't put it on utube. Mike's Blog: Graham Hancock - Quest for the Lost.