Full Movie Woodstock Diary 1280p Without Paying HD Without Signing Up

January 19, 2020, 4:39 am


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Recently via trade I received Woodstock Diary on 3 dvdr's (one for each day. Fantastic footage and this is mostly music just a few short interviews with Joel Rosenman, John Roberts, Michael Lang, Wavy Gravy, and Lisa Law are quite funny at times. Originally shown on the ShowTime Channel in 1994. What I have is a rebroadcast from the (now defunked) Trio' channel in 2002. Picture is excellent (full screen) and sound quality is very good but mono. At the end of the fast scrolling credits for each hour show is 'Copyright licensed to Gravity Limited 1994. What's odd is the fist day (1 hour) is titled Woodstock Diary. The second day (1 hour) and the third day (1 hour) are titled Woodstock The Lost Performances. All three have the same flying dove animation and music at the start of each hour and the same style opening and ending credits.