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December 31, 2019, 4:43 am





Roto is missing one kbhi Bollywood Hollywood jaisa kam kr ki public Jago... 😀. I am sure biggest likes have came from 90s born kids! This movie is made for us. Fans: I bet they wont be able to make this just as creepy Old lady: hold my dress. Endgame: I love you 3000 Toy Story 4: To infinity and beyond. Chills. Literal chills. Elsa Is So Vulnerable In This Movie. Will Anna have powers? Will she and Kristoff get married? Will Sven finally smash on Olaf's nose. SOOO MANY QUESTIONS TO ANSWER. Chale? jeetne. amazing dialogue. The stones remind me of Brave and the music reminds me of Lilo & Stitch.

This is just bad. Theyve made an average jump scare horror from Stephen Kings magnum opus. I'm Trash Forky 2019. Could we realize for just one moment that forky attempted suicide. Toy story: 1995 Toy story 2: 1999 Toy story 3: 2010 Toy story 4: 2019 24 years after first part. It's all just cgi. We already have the animated version. Skipping it. This movie shows us the climate change was happened over the past years ago. Game show dude: what does a robber not want to see when he walks into a house Dude:NAKED GRANDMA! 2:13. Disney in 2025: Hmmm, I think it's time for a remake of the classic 2019 original. Toy Story 3: This is the finale Toy Story 4: Hold my bear. John abraham working on Akshay's footprints. Love to watch Dis movie. Jai Bharat 🇮🇳.


If this is a teaser. I can't wait for the official one tomorrow 👏👏🎈🎈. Is it just me or is Scar's voice not intimidating. In 2018. 15 August + before 1 year realeas Satyameva jayate * John Abraham Gold * Akshay Kumar In 2019. 15 August now release Mission mangal * Akshay Kumar Batla house * John Abraham 😂 Who is best. Disney has gone too far with their animation this time.





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