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Blutsfreundschaft (2009. Blutsfreandschaft force scene. Blutsfreundschaft.




Blutsfreandschaft force scene. Blutsfreundschaft (2009. Dei muada is lol. WIE WO KANN MAN DIESEN FILM SEHEN. Blutsfreundschaft. @memnochseeker What are you saying my friend?You think that Koenig Ludwig did bad to Bavaria?Hahaha thats a joke!If there was not Koenig Ludwig who built all these masterpieces,now Bavaria would be nothing!You must thank Ludwig because he made Bavaria one of the most well-living and rich areas of the world. @memnochseeker Ludwig did NOT make Bavaria broke. He use his own wealth to build the castle Neuschwanstein. But the other things you wrote are correct.


@Pelasgos11 Yes this is true. Here in Bavaria we have the highest GDP in Europe, the best education system in Europe, and we are the 18th richest place in the world (By ourselves, without the rest of Germany. Infact, even our job market is on the rise.


I may be in the minority, but I found this moving overall disapointing. Berger's performance was diffuse, the script was all over the place, and little of the king's romantic life was included- Wagner was hardly mentioned. Romy S. was the only good thing about the whole thing. I gave my hard won copy to the local library- that's how disapointed I was. WAit a minute- is the sequal after? Berger looks older. @windstorm1000 It is not the sequel of Visconti's movie. It's a totally different one, with other story and other themes. Visconti's movie Ludwig was filmed in 1972, with Helmut Berger being 28. I love Visconti's movie, but tastes are tastes.

Auweh, auweh...





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