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December 31, 2019, 9:42 pm


Please, somebody, tell me why I sit through movies like this. multiple times, no less! I can't get enough of the wooden portrayals of stereotypical characters. I usually have no problem suspending belief when watching these movies, but were we really supposed to believe that "Ralph" and "Baxter" weren't actually just good looking kids badly in need of a makeover? Come on. And the "aliens? They were all pale, blonde, and muscular. are they from the planet Minnesota? This movie is such a freaky scene, mostly because of the intense sincerity put into the filmmaking. The copy I rented had a "making of" feature at the end and then a promotional announcement for other Full Moon Pictures films. The most incredible thing is that all the Full Moon Films look exactly like Alien Arsenal. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? You be the judge.
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Aug 1, 2001 A pair of outcast teenagers find their lives changed when they come across a cache of alien weapons. By donning the extraterrestrial armor.

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Rating 3.3/10 (270.

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Cool ride but the video and the audio looks like it was made by a high schooler. I just recently found this channel and now have watched all of the videos thus far, This is a pretty cool channel, I like how organized it is and the explanation on some of the backgrounds of all the different shall I say Monstrum Lore, Keep up the awesome videos as Im excited to see more content 😆👌. Are a million to one, but still, they come Yes the chances of anything coming from mars. Actually this is the 1st time when the movie impresses me more than the trailer. Really.

Love the art! Love this whole series, but Mars has always held a special place in my heart

Mars is our original planet. Before we colonized earth. Please do a video about Griffons and a video about Hippogriffs, or do a video about both of them. I love this channel so much.