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January 1, 2020, 12:48 pm





Lady Bird is me, this movie is so relatable seriously, I know for so many people it is. And she's soo pretty omygod 💖. I sort of grew up in Sacramento so this is really interesting for me. So nice to see first, a contemporary romantic comedy and second one about female friendship. Great characters and so much fun! It looks at millennials finding their way but without judgement and a sincere love for the people involved. Watch this when you want to feel good, and have a lot of laughs. Virgin or version. 日本人いないの?. I already love this. Yaaasss. I swear to god shes in every single netflix movie. A dream. a Movie. OMG! she and her mom are exactly like me and my mom 😂😂😂😂. There's so much going on and it's so beautiful. Just finished this <3 <3 <3 Wooowww did that bring me back to college / yesterday. Totally girl crushing on Simbari over here.

I feel 80's vibes! 🤔. You're beautiful. Am I? I feel like we're before and after pictures right now. I'm definitley watching this! 🤣🤣🤣. Carmen Sandiego and then Someone Great I'm in. Who tf would actually want robots in this world? Lmao. This is literally Detroit: Become Human. AAHHHH OMGGG RUUPAAULLL YEEESSS.




YASS QUEENS I LOVE YOU KEEP SLAYINNN. Sometimes I end up forgetting that he used to play Dallas from Austin & Ally, Cause his glo up was real🤣🤩. Marco Polo season 3; well aware of its cancellation, just know you are wrong. Now make it. FINALLY A NEW GOOD ROMANCE MOVIE. What the name of the song on min 1:39. The first chick flick since Brides Maid that might be funny. I CANT WAIT I LOVE GINA RODRIGUEZ SO MUCH. Why is Noah Centimetre everyone's fake boyfriend/partner in the Netflix Cinematic Universe. I REGRET WATCHING THIS TRAILER. Online supply boot tall economy nightmare late fix weigh sunlight. Omg, this looks SO GOoD, Im so excited, Christmas has come early! 😂.

I AM CLOSE TO NEW ORLEANS. Watch LADy-LiKe Online Vidbull. Watch Lady-Like Download… Wherewith Lady-Like you immediately watch Lady-Like or download. Still one of my favorite movie of all time. thank you, Greta Gerwig. Screams I'M SO EXCITED. Netflix stepping up with these films. So, not Paul Bettany and Jennifer Lopez. Not another teen stupid movie. They makers watched a lot go old bollywood movies.

#HowLady-Like full movie 123movies english Watch~ Online~Hoyts Watch Lady-Like Online Twitter. Damn, it seems that all of them are really just about the same. I was expecting more lol. I know the entire movie without watching it - good guy likes bad girl then he realizes that he likes the good girl who has been his friend all along. The End. 0,1/5.





They got this idea from the show American Dad 🤦🏾‍♂️. So women doesnt care much about their turf So does this mean I get a free cheating pass. Where's me before you? Twilight love ( tres metros sobre el cielo) TFIOS? 500days of summer? Brooklyn? Love,Rosie? Before sunrise. Oh and Titanic. Sometimes I end up forgetting that he used to play Dallas from Austin & Ally, Cause his glo up was real🤣🤩. Great cast, seemingly interesting concept, but it feels off. Like I know the concept of the movie but I don't know what it's about. Does that make sense? Maybe it's just a bad trailer.

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Name of the song of the first movie.
Hmm I dont remember this episode of Austin and ally.
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Where do I get the app. Soulja boy voice ALLLYYYYYY. Haven't seen that episode of Austin & Ally... So she pretty much banged a robot? 😂😂😂. Not another teen stupid movie. I thought that was Sasha Grey. Fosters.