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December 29, 2019, 11:33 am

Härifrån till Kim



Just got on board heart is pounding already. Shit professor x goin crazy. Siapa yg kesini gara² miawaug abis nyelesain game the beast inside 😂 thanks kak regi buat referensi filmnya 😊 Yg sama like 👇👇. Its so weird seeing him not looking like Magnus but omg he looks so bae <3. Cap after the avenger 4😂. WRAITH USERS INCREASE BY 110. Amazin, simply amazin! I'm a watch it again. Enjoy the longbow before we nerf it into the ground mode. Oh god, another event, here we go again boys. 🤣. Shish! That gave me a heart attack. So this was Coppolas inspiration when adding Ride of the Valkyries to Apocalypse Now. Wraith main* “your wallets being aimed at”. Liar! LIARR. XD This ended and I was screaming at my monitor, girl you LIE. In the end only one girls survives. but now she has a split personality. dun dun duuun.