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HIT THE LIKE BUTTON IF YOU WANT MORE INDIAN STUFF SHOWCASED ON NETFLIX... THE WORLD NEEDS TO LEARN ABOUT INDIA AND HOW AMAZING IT IS... The Indian Spirit. This movie was made in 1989.  It's 2015 and nothing has changed. Is there anyway I can send some money to them. This would be a good documentary for those screaming at their lecturers about 'safe spaces' and whatnot. They need to watch and really understand what education can mean and then realise that at the end of the day they aren't acknowledging their first world privilege when they make a mockery of their own education.

Odd choice on titles as it is about raise poor boys and girls and giving them an opportunity to succeed that they were denied in the past. Education in India is not strongly gender based, unlike say some Islamic countries. Collages in India are 55% male and 45% female. That being said, Shanti Bhavan seems like an amazing institution and this look like an uplifting documentary. I had visited Shanti Bhavan last year, and it was wondering to see young students from underprivileged families getting such quality education. Surely a classic. Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, brilliant actors, their talents are truly missed.








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